What’s Your Jeans Size: A Complete Guide To Find Your Perfect Jean Size?

A perfect pair of denim has an amazing transformative power that can lift, lengthen, as well as boost your body type. It can easily take one from being frumpy to being fabulous. But shopping for jeans is an adventure in itself. Many men don’t like to experiment much with their jeans because finding the right size is a daunting task. However, shopping for jeans and finding a perfect jeans size is no rocket science. But people with less experience can face difficulty while finding their right jean size. This is so because, every country, brand, or style varies from each other. 

Nothing is more painful than not getting a perfect jeans size for yourself. It happens with most of us while shopping at online/offline stores. So, to navigate every man with the highly nuanced denim sizing system, we have created a step-by-step guide for every man. This will make your journey to find a suitable jeans size more fun. Whether you decide to go to a store or shop online, this guide will always pull you out of the fire. 

  • Don’t shy away to measure a pair of jeans grab your favorite jeans from your wardrobe and use their measurements as a guide to buying a new one. Here’s how you can do it: 
  • Lay your jeans on any surface, preferably a hard surface, and grab a measuring tape. Using the measuring tape, measure your jean from the top of the waist. Ensure that it is zipped as well as buttoned. When you are sure about the number, double the number with the denim’s waist measurement. However, the measurement also depends on your rise type. 
  • The next step is to measure the inseam. It is the part from your crotch seam till the ankle hem. 
  • Don’t forget to measure the width of the jean thigh. The measurement should be done two inches below the crotch seam. Later, double it for a precise thigh measurement number. 
  • Last but not least is to measure the rise. Pull the waist of your jean tightly and then take the right measurement. For instance, low-rise jeans measure around 7-8 inches from crotch till waist, mid-rise jeans measures around 8-9 inches, whereas high-rise jeans from 9 to 10 inches. 
  • Know your body’s best rise after finding the right measurements for you it is necessary to find the best rise. The right jean rise will help you in many ways. 
  • Low-rise jeans these type of jeans sits 2-3 inches below the belly button. In some cases, even lower. 
  • Mid-rise jeans they easily sit around or below the belly button. Mid-rise jeans are highly sold in all styles of jeans. 
  • High-rise jeans high-rise jeans smoothly sit at or above the tummy button. 

Knowing your body’s best rise is highly important. This can be done by using a tape measure and comparing it with the old jeans. This will help you decide how far you like a jean to sit on the waist. This is a personal preference and has nothing to do with your body type. However, for certain occasions like office wear, you can decide accordingly. 

  • Your waistline carries importance too never forget to measure your waist. This can be done by measuring your natural waist crease. However, for mid-rise jeans try measuring around the navel. For low-rise pieces of denim, try measuring two or three inches below the belly button. One should avoid doing measurements over the clothes. Moreover, don’t pull your measuring tape too tight otherwise you won't get accurate measurements. 
  • Never take a brand’s size chart lightly  no matter how many measurements or research you have done, a brand’s size charts carry weight. Whether you are in a store or shopping online, asking for a size chart will be of great help. Every brand has a different size chart or system. Some show in inches and others go for favor numbers. However, European types of denim are similar to the US denim fits. There are also some brands that have vanity sizing, in other words, you need to go for small sizes than your usual size. 


Finding your perfect jean size is a complicated task but not an impossible one. The above-mentioned guide will help determine your perfect size in every way possible. But it is imperative to note that your ideal jean can always differ from one pair of jeans to another. So, don’t just stick to the number, go for the fit. 

So, the next time you are out to buy a brand new pair of jeans for yourself make sure to follow this important guide to get the right size. A right size will not only fit you well but also enhance the style quotient tenfold.