Essential Tips To Buy A Perfect Pair Of Jeans: A Professional Guide

There is nothing like a comfortable, versatile, as well as durable pair of jeans. For a modern man, denim is a wardrobe staple. It is the one thing that can be worn with everything without making your whole look boring or monotonous. The fact that a perfect pair of jeans can be worn during all seasons makes it the chameleon of your wardrobe. Plus, jeans are ideal for men who don’t believe in spending a lot of time on their styling. Moreover, one cannot question the versatility of it as only a few pair of them can complete your wardrobe needs as long as they are of quality and timeless style.

All this may sound wonderful, but finding the perfect pair of denim can be a daunting task. Many men often feel confused about what kind of jeans they should go for, which fit will go according to their body type, and some men feel that all of them look similar. However, without talking much about the headache of shopping for jeans, Agatti has rounded up some of the essential tips which you should follow while finding this wardrobe staple:

Find your right Fit–the right fit of this wardrobe item will determine the feeling of wearing it. Further, the way you are feeling will determine how you look at it. And the way you look in it makes that a perfect pair of jeans. So, finding the right fit is highly essential. Here are complete details which ease your task to find your right fit:

SLIM FIT – slim fit is often considered skinny but it’s not. Slim-fit jeans usually hug the thigh area, knees, as well as calves. But it is slightly loose around the ankles. The whole look of the slim fit type is crispy, sharp, and very clean. If you are in search of this kind of denim then go for it.

RELAXED FIT – this is one of the best choices you can make. The most comfortable of all types area relaxed fit. It offers a fuller leg and seat. However, it shouldn’t hand around your hips or below. Having one pair of relaxed-fit jeans is highly essential.

STRAIGHT-LEG FIT –this type of fit is slightly comfortable and classy than a slim fit. The fit is cut more or less all the way down. In other words, this fit is close around the thigh area and is loose around the knees as well as calving. If you want to have more comfort around the thigh area then it is better to have a straight-leg fit with a little bit of stretch.

CLASSIC FIT –these kinds of denim never go out of style. These are perfect for men who want their thighs to feel comfortable and breathe. However, classic fit can somehow offer a bell-bottom effect. So, it is better to go classic fit with an inch-and-a-half-break. Otherwise, you always roll up its cuffs.

EVERYTHING LIES IN DETAILS –focusing on the minute details of your jeans can take it from good to amazing. Here’s what you need to focus on:

THE CLOSURE – a button fly is a major issue that can make you feel uncomfortable. It is better to prefer denim items with a clean layer of zippers. However, it might not be long-lasting as compared to a button fly but offers you ultimate comfort.

POCKETS – pockets play a huge role while selecting good pair of pants. The back pockets with a touch of branding look very chic and less fussy. Pockets with simple designs are better and gorgeous looking.

IT’S STITCHING – you can’t ignore its stitching at any cost. There are mainly two options in this, the blue-thread stitching or the classic golden yellow stitching. The blue thread stitching seems invisible most of the time, whereas, golden yellow stitching adds a new dimension to the whole look.

THE CUFF –roll up the jean bottom and observe nicely. The cuff decides a lot of things. It adds a visual effect that you cannot brush off. So, while proceeding with the final decision,do not ignore the cuff.

DON'T OVERLOOK RIGHT WASH –the right wash means how the pair of jeans are rinsed, bleached or what process it has gone through. Having the right wash jean item creates a huge difference which one releases later.

CLASSIC WASH – anyone who loves medium-blue jeans means he is a classic wash lover. The life of a good pair of jeans begins as inky blue. Later, they are rinsed with cold water, then go through the process of bleaching. Classic wash is the best choice for regular wear or when paired with casual sportswear.

VINTAGE WASH– vintage wash is loved by all. However, after some years one might that it is losing its charm or it is losing its original color. But if you are a fan of such kind of wash then one shouldn’t take much time to buy it.

DARK RINSE – dark rinse is slightly close to raw, or dry denim. It somehow serves the same look but with a hint of variegated shading around the thighs or knees. This wash looks superb with a blazer as well as a windbreaker.

DRY RINSE –dry rinse is very raw or you can say virgin. It is unwashed, rough when touched, and even untreated. Raw types of denim take years to break in. However, if they do then the owner gets a new avatar of it.


Shopping for a perfect pair of jeans was super simple. The options were limited, basically, blue and black. Also, it used to have only five pockets and a simple fit. However, the trends of the denim world have changed in the span of few years. There are numerous choices that get confusing about what to shop for and what to not.

If you are someone who is always confused while choosing your right pair of denim then Agatti has covered every detail to offer you a smooth shopping experience. These above-mentioned tips to buy jeans won’t let you down at any point in life.